How Quickly Can a Dermatologist Clear Your Skin?

July 7, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

Your face is typically the first impression and a major recognition marker for everyone you meet.

Having a complexion that is clear, confident, and blemish-free is unfortunately not a guarantee for everyone. With the help of dermatologists and products that treat and prevent blemishes and dark spots, we are able to successfully create clear complexions in a reasonable amount of time. 

Understanding the root cause of your pore problems is a major component in allowing dermatologists to diagnose and ultimately treat your complexion woes. As certain treatments and methods of care can differentiate between causes, a correct diagnosis is beneficial in treating a flawed complexion. Dermatologists are able to determine a cause for breakouts, dark spots, imperfections, and more by learning your history, medications, and routines to piece together your best course of action. Submitting yourself to a course of treatment allows your complexion to rid itself of toxins and treat itself from the inside and outside out. This process allows for noticeable results that progress daily.

A dermatologist uses methods in the clinic combined with take-home methods to increase the longevity of your cleared complexion. Developing habits at home in sync with your dermatologist’s office visits allows the highest chance of a perfectly cleared complexion. Your cleared complexion relies heavily on the take-home methods a dermatologist will recommend as treatment. In-office visits are great opportunities for your dermatologist to administer injections or treatments that require professional mechanisms. Dermatology Consults of Frisco specializes in treatments of the complexion such as;

In searching for a dermatologist, or treatment option for your chronic bad skin, you may find yourself searching for a ‘quick fix’. The temptation for a quick fix is heightened by our desire to look our best all the time, and the belief that a quick fix is always going to work. Although a quick fix seems tempting and the best option for guaranteeing beautiful skin, learning the root cause of your pore problems will increase the longevity of your beautiful skin. Dermatologists look beyond your face to target the specific hormones that create collisions in your complexion. This is why determining the root cause of your skin issues is the most important factor in your treatment plan timeline.

In Frisco, dermatologists play a major role in the overall health and care of all skin types. When asking your dermatologist how quickly you can expect to clear your complexion, be prepared to create a timeline that includes in-office visits and at-home treatments.