Removing Stretch Marks the Right Way!

June 12, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

Removing Stretch Marks the Right Way

In changing bodies of both men and women there are few experiences more frustrating than the realization that your long legs suffered came with a few stretch marks on the tops of the thighs or that baby you grew for nine months left you with a few unwanted reminders. While many women love their growing bellies and the stretch marks that remind them of the miracle of life, there are several other occasions in which stretch marks show themselves and people are not as fond of them. 

Stretch mark removal is available for patients who are looking to lessen the marks associated with stretch marks and dark or light lines in areas of rapid growth. Common areas for stretch marks are the upper thighs, underarms, and biceps, and most commonly, stomachs on expectant mothers. Stretch marks should not be associated with a lack of health or a bad diet, but the common factor of skin and bodies changing and growing. 

In removing stretch marks, it is important and necessary for patients to understand individual treatment plans and procedures and to trust the Doctor they are going with. Dermatology Consults in Frisco work with board-certified dermatologists such as Dr. Weisberg, to provide the safest and most effective treatment of stretch marks through laser treatments. In understanding the simplicity, yet the severity of laser treatments, and how they interact with our individual bodies and temperaments, it is important to follow with your gut feeling in choosing a dermatologist that is well versed in all medical procedures. 

The Fraxel treatment is a procedure provided at Dermatology Consults of Frisco that serves to provide a cosmetic improvement to the overall appearance and functionality of our skin. Fraxel does, literally what it’s namesake suggests, and fractionates a laser beam into thousands of microscopic laser columns, to generally allow for better results with fewer side effects. In understanding the use of a laser on such a precious surface as our skin, it is helpful to feel at ease and comfortable with the doctor of your choice in skincare. Stretch mark removal by laser treatment may seem as though it is a scary procedure, yet a board-certified dermatologist has had multiple experiences in dealing with medical procedures that involve tools and lasers far above our knowledge level. 

The FDA has approved Fraxel use in the United States and with treatment from Dr. Weisberg at the Dermatology Consults; any and all specific concerns are reviewed during your consultation. Maintaining a skincare regimen is the best bet for creating a youthful appearance without cosmetic abrasions, yet in the case of our bodies making their own decisions sometimes, we have no control over the dispersing of stretch marks. Finding a solution to the removal of stretch marks has been a saving grace for many men and women who are seeking alternatives to over-the-counter creams and lotions that offer little results.