What Are the Main Causes of Cysts?

August 25, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

There are various skin conditions that cause lumps and bumps, with a number of these skin conditions falling under the cyst category.

A cyst is fairly common for our skin and can appear just about anywhere. Cysts are noncancerous, closed pockets of tissue that are typically filled with fluid, pus, or other bodily material. A cyst can develop as the result of an infection, or as a clogged sebaceous gland.

Your dermatologist can pinpoint the cause of cysts and assist in the removal of it if necessary. Cysts are typically slow-growing, painless, and smooth to the touch. A cyst does not typically disappear on its own without treatment. The removal of a cyst can be done by drainage by scalpel piercing. Inflamed cysts can be removed through the treatment and injection of cortisone medication. Carrollton dermatologist, Precision Dermatology specializes in the removal and education of cyst causes.

Main Causes of Cysts

Impact Injury

The breaking of a vessel due to an impact or puncture can result in a cyst forming on the outside of the skin. This is the most common cause of a cyst and is typically easily treated with drainage and cortisone shot for infection.

Duct Blockages

Fluid build-up can occur in areas of the body where there are foreign objects such as earrings. The blockage of an earring causes glands to close up and creates the perfect environment for cysts to appear.


In some illnesses, infections may breed outside the skin and result in cysts. Cysts from infection are easily formed in the mouth and on the face as a result of infection attacking the immune system.

Genetic Conditions

There is a link between genes and the growth of cysts. In cases where cysts are small and painless, they are most likely an outlet for body secretions. Other genetic conditions and cancers can show themselves via cysts as well.

Cyst removal can easily be performed in your dermatologist’s office, and in very few scenarios requires surgery. Having all cysts checked out by your dermatologist office is important as they can best determine whether a cyst is the result of an underlying medical issue. Fibrocystic breast disease and polycystic ovary syndrome both display systems in the form of cysts on the skin. Cyst removal in Carrollton, TX is made easy with the team at Precision Dermatology.