Foods That Help Reduce the Appearance of Spider Veins

August 28, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

When attending Precision Dermatology for the first time, your doctor will most likely inform you that the things you put inside your body have a greater impact than the procedures that can take place outside your body.

Fueling our bodies with nutrient-rich foods have incredible health benefits, and there are even ways to eat in order to change our looks. Reaching out to your skin doctor for the treatment of spider veins is a smart decision, as a dermatologist can assist in the removal and treatment of spider veins as well as suggest lifestyle habits to reduce their appearance.

Along with treatments at your dermatologist’s office, there are specific foods that you can add and remove from your diet that will assist in reducing the appearance of spider veins. With treatment and lifestyle changes, spider veins have a high percentage of completely disappearing. Preventing spider veins from appearing can block spider veins from forming over time. We’ve combined a few foods that can reduce the appearance of spider veins in you.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Foods are rich in fiber and provide nutrients that keep our metabolisms moving are a great source for preventing spider veins. Replacing foods in your diet, stick to whole-wheat flour and brown rice as a fiber-rich option.

Add Rutin to Your Diet

Rutin is a plant pigment that reduces the fragility of capillaries, which reduces the risk of developing new spider veins. Foods that are naturally rich in rutin can play a role in having healthy legs. This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory are found in buckwheat, apples, cherries, grapes, and blackberries.

An Avocado & Apple a Day

Avocados and as mentioned above, apples, play a huge role in reducing the appearance of spider veins, as they are rich in fiber and nutrients that create healthy blood and cells in our body. The combination of these two foods provides a laundry list of benefits that any dermatologist would recommend against the battle of spider veins.

Pineapple for Blood Circulation

Adding pineapple to a daily regimen of fruit strengthens veins by preventing blood clots. Pineapple contains fibrin, a protein that helps improve blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can decrease the visibility of current spider veins, and prevent spider veins from forming.

Along with recommendations from your dermatologist, and a plan for treatment, adding dietary changes to your lifestyle can be a huge factor in seeing amazing results regarding your spider veins. Spider vein treatment in Carrollton, TX is made possible by the team of doctors at Precision Dermatology.