D Magazine Best in D 2014

January 20, 2015
By: Eric Weisberg

For 7 years, our team has been working non-stop to help deliver state of the art medical and dermatologic care at our Frisco and Denton, Texas, locations.

Dr. Weisberg and the providers work tirelessly during the day with our excellent team of medical assistants, front office, billing specialists and practice manager to deliver effective and customized care to our thousands of patients who have visited us since we opened our doors.  After hours, Dr. Weisberg continues to excel and spend considerable time devising ways to improve care and efficiency, some of which are obvious to our patients, but others that happen behind to scenes to improve the way we deliver care.

It is with pride and joy that we announce that we have been selected as "Best in D" by D Magazine for 2014.  How do they come to this conclusion?  Great question!  They ask thousands of physicians the following question:

"Which doctors would you trust with the care of a loved one?"

The physicians, who are verified, are allowed to list up to 3 physicians in each category and we are honored to be picked for Dermatology!

We don't take this lightly.  It means we have lots of physicians who trust us to provide care for their patients.  Some of these physicians have been referring patients to us for 7 years, some who may have started more recently, and others who may have already visited us for their personal care or the care of a family member.  This immense trust that has been afforded to us by physicians (and patients) is our most precious gift along with our awesome staff.

Thank you north Texas.  You can rest assured we will continue to work to find ways to improve and become even better in the future.  We plan to be part of the community for a long time to come and believe this is just the beginning of a great journey solely afforded to us by the trust of our patients and our physicians.

Thank you!

Dr. Weisberg