Beat Prickly Heat in the Summer

July 30, 2019
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

Prickly heat, also known as heat rash or miliaria rubra, is a condition that affects both kids and adults. 

It is most common during the summer. Heat rash occurs when sweat is trapped under the skin’s surface and causes an infection. There’s a higher occurrence of prickly heat among children than adults. This is largely due to the fact that children’s sweat glands are still developing. Thus, they’re more susceptible to infections.

Common Symptoms of Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is easy to detect because its easily recognizable symptoms. Red bumps occur on the affected area where sweat has been trapped. The bumps commonly appear around the shoulders, chest, face and neck area. They may also appear in places where the skin folds.

It may also appear in the form of small blisters over a patch of skin. These blisters form as your skin reacts to the sweat trapped between your skin’s layers.

Prickly heat is most prevalent in humid areas. Thus, it’s wise to stay cool and dry. You can make the situation better by wiping the sweat off your skin frequently. Also, be sure to cool off with a cold shower after a long day outdoors.

Treatment Options

There are many treatments and precautions against prickly heat. Some of them include:

  • Wearing loose-fitting clothes
  • Applying topical steroids
  • Using skin products that don't contain petroleum or mineral oil
  • Using calamine lotion

The first step whenever you notice that you have a heat rash should be to move away from the irritant. Take a shower and change out of your wet or sweaty clothes. Apply calamine lotion or small amounts of hydrocortisone cream, and the itching should start to subside.

Preventing Prickly Heat

The simplest way to prevent prickly heat is to stay indoors whenever the temperature rises and to avoid wearing wet or sweaty clothes. If you have to be outside when the weather is hot and humid, you should wear loose-fitting clothes and stay in the shade.

Wear the right attire whenever you exercise. The right gear should be able to wick moisture away from your skin. Exercise outside only during the cooler times of the day. Use a fan or air conditioning to keep your body cool while you work out. 

If you have prickly heat, you should consult Dermatology Consultants of Frisco immediately. You will be connected with a qualified DFW dermatologist who can help you with your problem fast. Always remember that being proactive aids successful dermatology.