Ringworm Diagnosis & Treatment

Ringworm (also called tinea) is a round-shaped skin rash that appears at any age and is typically itchy. 

Contrary to its name, ringworm is not a worm at all -- it is a fungus. Ringworm is found in and contracted from many places, including pets, floors, or even from your yard. Since it typically grows in a ring-like fashion (annular), the name ringworm is simply a descriptive term.

Ringworm is treated by topical medications or pills, depending on the type of tinea fungus and location.

Ringworm can simulate many other types of rashes; therefore, it is important for you to get an accurate diagnosis. In fact, it is common (even for expert dermatologists) to misdiagnose this condition on the first visit, due to its overlapping characteristics and presentation.

Due to the difficulty in diagnosing this condition, it is important for you to see your Dermatology Consultants of Frisco dermatologist to help aid in identification and treatment.

Are you concerned that you or your child might have ringworm? Book an appointment today and one of our skilled dermatologists will help devise an effective treatment plan for you.