Hives Diagnosis & Treatment

Hives (urticaria) is a common skin rash that can be triggered by certain foods, medications, and/or stress.

Hives can be acute or chronic and are red, itchy welts, resulting from some type of skin reaction. Hives tend to come and go, moving around the body over a 24-hour time period.

Your dermatologist will help rule out other rashes and conditions. Once identified, we'll work together to determine the cause or trigger or your hives. Keeping a journal of exposures, recent illnesses, and recent medications/herbals/supplements can be very helpful. 

Hives usually go away without treatment, but antihistamine medications are often helpful in improving symptoms. For chronic hives, antihistamines may not be enough and your dermatologist may need to prescribe other treatment options. 

Have you been experiencing recurring hives? Book an appointment today at Dermatology Consultants of Frisco and one of our experienced dermatologists will help devise an appropriate treatment plan for you.