Why a Cosmetic Dermatologist is the Key to Good Skin

April 3, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

It’s no secret: Great skin brings you confidence and self-esteem in your everyday life.

In a world where people are obsessed with sharing selfies and videos of themselves with the world, everyone is looking for smooth, perfect skin that’s photo-ready 24/7. 

Store-bought skin treatments are everywhere these days. Big box stores carry masks with fruity smells and aisles a mile long full of skin and body moisturizers. With age, environment, and a person’s time in the sun constantly doing damage to a person’s skin, people are forever on the lookout for a quick and effective fix to their daily skincare routine that will right all the wrongs a person thinks they see in the mirror every morning.

The truth is, the best resource for amazing skin can’t be found in any retail store or pharmacy. While store-bought skin treatments can do a passable job, the only way to get flawless skin is through a cosmetic dermatologist. A professional dermatologist provides medically-proven cosmetic dermatology procedures and services that are tailored to a person’s skin. Through careful examination and a discussion with a patient about their lifestyle, stress levels, environment, and more, a dermatologist is able to carefully define the needs of a person’s skin and develop a plan of action that will replenish, restore and refresh a person’s appearance.

Visiting a Denton, TX dermatologist can help you overcome the imperfections brought on by the different stages of life. Cosmetic services for acne treatment can help teenagers and young adults make the best of their high school days. Age-defying procedures like botox injections and laser treatments can erase wrinkles and overcome years of sun damage that can leave a person feeling better about their appearance as they reach the golden years of life.

By establishing an ongoing relationship with a regular dermatologist, a patient can have a person on hand that can help them adapt to the changes that come in life and learns how to best change their skincare methods to maintain their great results. A cosmetic dermatologist is a doctor like any other and knows a person’s medical history and the behavior of their skin over the years. They know what is most effective for a patient’s skin and what just doesn’t work. They can even help a patient avoid products that might irritate their skin or cause allergic reactions. Working with a dermatologist can help you avoid wasting money and time on ineffective treatments.

When seeking out a cosmetic dermatologist in Frisco, look no further than Dermatology Consultants. The reliable and helpful staff at Dermatology Consultants have access to all the current and most effective skincare treatments on the market. Aimed at getting all patients the best results, Dermatology Consultants will work together with a patient to create the best skincare routine to get him or her the perfect skin. Call Dermatology Consultants today to book an appointment and start getting better results faster through cosmetic dermatology.