What Are Skin Tags and How to Prevent Them

November 7, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

What Are Skin Tags and How to Prevent Them

Skin tags or, acrochordons are little benign tumors that often form in skin creases. They appear as loose or hanging flaps of skin.  This includes the groin, the neck, eyelids, and even on the face. Skin tags are generally painless, harmless and they typically do not grow or change. A skin tag is often the size of a grain of wheat though they have also been recorded to be up to half an inch long! The growth consists of a stem sticking out of the skin attached to a core at its tip.

These growths can be caused by several things, many of those things involving friction between bits of skin. Genetics can also play a role in skin tag development as people are just born to be more likely to have them than others. Senior citizens tend to develop them more frequently than younger generations. Pregnant women are prone to developing them as well as those to take steroids that alter their hormones. Those with poorer health are also more likely to get them.

The solution? Clean, healthy life choices and treating your skin with respect. Firstly, you’re less likely to get them if you maintain a healthy weight and diet. That means watching what you eat and getting ample exercise every day. You sweat less and end up with fewer skin folds. That also means your hormones are more likely to change less which also makes you less prone to them. People with toned muscles rather than fat tend to have less space for them to grow.

You’ll also want to reduce the friction by using friction-reducing powder on vulnerable areas. This also means reducing the instances in which you wear tight clothing to void that friction. Give your skin and body room to breathe.

Should you ever do get a skin tag, even after removal, they are prone to grow back, so keep taking care of your skin. As for what to do should you get them, consulting a doctor is always the best thing to do. Dermatology Consultants is the leading group for placing you with a local and trusted dermatologist. For those seeking skin tag removal in Carrolton TX, Precision Dermatology has a branch where a dermatologist can help you both prevent and remove these skin tags.

Always note however that prevention is always better than the cure. Understanding the biology and correct care of your skin through recommended skincare practices is the best bet for preventing skin tags.