How to Rid Your Skin of Dark Spots

April 3, 2017
By: Eric Weisberg

With the warmer seasons coming into full swing in the next few weeks, Texas will see a lot more people spending more time outside in the sun.

It’s the perfect time for outdoor activities and yard work abounds which means it’s also time to start thinking about properly caring for your skin while out in the sunshine. While it’s in everyone’s best interests to be as thorough as possible when protecting one’s skin from the sun, most people can’t claim to be on top of their sunscreen game.

Unfortunately, when the skin is exposed to the sun for long periods of time without proper protection, you can find yourself walking away with skin discoloration in the form of dark spots or brown spots. These spots occur when one area of the skin produces too much melanin due to sun exposure or, sometimes, the changes in hormonal levels in pregnant women. This discoloration can be a stubborn mark on one’s face and oftentimes, it takes a dermatologist equipped with special tools and treatments to go about removing dark spots from a patient’s face effectively.

Professionally treating dark spots is the safest way to get the best results available on the market. A dermatologist can skillfully target the affected areas with laser or exfoliating treatments to effectively even out skin pigment and leave you with even, clear skin. While some home remedies and topicals exist that might make dark spots less noticeable, the majority of successful dark spot treatments can only be found in a skincare clinic. 

Photorejuvenation is an Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, technology treatment that is highly effective in removing dark spots and is considered the golden standard by dermatologists. These treatments can get desired results in as little as one visit and leave patients with little recovery time or discomfort. Photorejuvenation has long-lasting results and treatments can be performed on any part of the body. When a professional is removing your dark spots, you can restore your skin back to its best condition. 

After photorejuvenation treatment, you might feel as if you have a light sunburn, but typically there is very little discomfort and recovery is relatively short. It is best to avoid sun exposure or hot water on the treated skin. As always, avoid touching and picking at your face and follow any additional instructions to ensure the best recovery. 

At Dermatology Consultants of Frisco, you can get their medically-approved skin treatments to restore your clear skin and improve your appearance with little pain or discomfort. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Weisberg can provide consultation and walk you through the procedure. Together, you can take your skin type and the current condition of your skin into consideration and decide the best course of action for you.Dr. Weisberg specializes in photorejuvenation treatments, able to administer treatments safely and successfully. With the help of photorejuvenation treatment, you can find yourself with clear, vacation-ready skin just in time for Spring Break.

To schedule your consultation, call Dermatology Consultants at (972) 335-2727 and schedule your appointment today. Leave dark spots in the past and find a fresh, rejuvenated look to bring in the new season!