How to Protect Your Skin at the Beach

August 16, 2018
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

Pack Your Beach Bag Essentials

First things first your beach bag should have the following essentials;

Water – Drinking plenty of water helps to repair your entire body with the skin included. Always keep a bottle on hand whenever you are in the beach.

Healthy snacks – Relaxing on some fruits and vegetables helps to refuel your body with nutrients that not only repair your skin but also keep it hydrated.

Sunscreen – Sunscreen not only protects your skin from development and extension of wrinkles and fine lines but also from serious sun damage.

Moisturizer – Moisturizers help to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Apply it in the mornings and evenings as well as every time you come in from the sun.

Lip balm – Your lips are also defenseless against the sun. Always carry a lip balm with you even around the beach, especially one that contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor), to protect your lips.

Sun protective clothing – Thanks to technology, you can now find clothing that has SPF protection included in the fabric that you can buy for extra protection for your skin.

Floppy hat – Your scalp is part of your skin and it needs protection as well especially since a lot of people avoid sunscreen on their hair. Floppy hats are very helpful, especially ones with wider rims which offer extra protection to your face and shoulders as well.

Sunglasses – To protect your eyes as well as the skin around your eyes, sunglasses come in handy especially when you are in the direct sunlight.

Reapply, Reapply, and Reapply

Smearing yourself thickly with sunscreen is not enough, constant reapplication is also important. It is recommended to reapply sunscreen after every two hours while in the sun as well as every time you get out of the water and use a towel. Stock your beach bag with enough sunscreen to make it easily accessible while you enjoy yourself.

Always Seek the Protection of the Shade

While basking can be relaxing especially after the long winter months, sunscreen alone cannot give you enough protection from the sun's rays. Seeking the protection of the shade can be helpful especially in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak. Therefore, stick an umbrella into the sand and lay in the shade for some time.

Always be Prepared for a Sunburn

Even the most attentive sunscreen users can have an unlucky accident. If you are having the time of your life at the beach and you spot a sunburn, take the following measures;

  • Head indoors to avoid exposing your skin to any more sun rays. 
  • Cool things down by taking a cold bath or shower or apply cold compressors to help relieve the pain. 
  • Apply moisturizer after the shower. 
  • You can also apply aloe vera on the affected skin as it provides soothing relief. 
  • Lastly, put on loose clothes to reduce or avoid uncomfortable rubbing on the sunbathed skin. 

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