Why Cold Weather Messes With Your Skin

January 17, 2018
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

It’s no secret that when the temperature drops, your skin can take a beating!

Cold Weather and Skin Aggravation

Many people notice that during the fall and winter season, their skin can get tight, itchy, and prone to painful cracking. While people notice the difference, what is it about the cold weather that messes with your skin? It turns out there are a few reasons.

One reason is simply the harshness of the weather. Many people assume that the summer sun is worse on your skin (and they do carry their own risks), but often there is not enough time spent outside to cause major problems. However, the cold temperatures, high winds, and rain or snow of the winter are very tough on dry skin. The cold temperature can create problems or exacerbate existing problems, causing many to need a skin care specialist to help.

Another major factor is not the cold weather itself, but the central heating that most people use to combat the cold. The heat is often running in the house, care, and office, with the hot air making dry skin even worse. Additionally, the large temperature changes that are often experienced during winter increase damage to the skin.

In addition to the central heating, many people turn to a hot shower to warm up when the weather is cold. However, hot water can strip away the natural oils of the skin, leading to an increased feeling of dryness. Naturally, dry skin will already be struggling to maintain these oils, so the high heat from water simply makes the problem worse. To treat dry skin, try to take showers that are comfortably warm rather than scalding hot. Also, do your best to cut down on shower time, as the longer you stand in the water, the more it will impact your skin.

The winter season is known for being cold and flu season, which is why many people take special care to wash their hands more frequently than normal. While this is a good thing, it can also lead to dried and cracked hands, both from the hot water that people use, as well as from the soaps. Both can strip away skin oils, leaving a raw feeling that is painful, especially when irritated.

Many people who experience acne may also find that it flares up during the cold weather. Mild UV exposure can help to clear acne and help your skin be healthier, which is one benefit of the warmer, sunnier weather. Those getting fewer UV rays in the winter may find it necessary to look for acne treatment in Carrollton, TX, helping combat the cold weather.

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