Signs That You Might Get Dandruff

July 31, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

White flakes on the shoulders of your black suit or dress are the ultimate source of self-consciousness at a party.

Once they’re there, you know they’ll persist to appear no matter how often you brush them away. It’s dandruff and it’s here as your faithful companion throughout the evening. With proper treatment, you can avoid potential dandruff embarrassments, but it takes tackling a case of dandruff early. Identifying the symptoms of dandruff before you need to look your best lets you know it is time to schedule an appointment for dandruff treatment in Frisco before it gets too noticeable.

White flakes aren’t the only indicators that you’re developing dandruff. It’s caused by a microbe that exists on all scalps known as Malassezia globosa which breaks down the oils in the scalp. When these oils break down, irritation, itchiness, and dryness may occur. That itchiness is caused by high levels of histamine due to inflammation and compels you to scratch.  An itchy, irritated scalp is often a sign that you should see a dermatologist in Frisco to get your scalp treated as it’s often the very first symptom one gets when they develop a case of dandruff.

Dry, tight skin on the scalp can be another early indicator of a case of dandruff. Dandruff damages the natural moisture barriers of the skin on your scalp, making the scalp uncomfortably dry and taut, especially after being in the water. That dryness and scaliness is a source of the itching and flaking that are associated with dandruff. One can have a dry scalp without having dandruff, though. Dry skin associated with dandruff will be red and scaly when you examine it and the flakes will be larger and oily. If you notice these aspects early, you can prevent dandruff from progressing with a visit to the dermatologist.

When the scalp is irritated and damaged from dandruff, hair fall can increase as the scalp grows unhealthy, weak hair that will break off more easily. You may be developing dandruff if you find an increased amount of hair on your pillow in the morning or in the drain of your shower when you wash your hair. If it seems that you are losing more hair than usual, making an appointment with your dermatologist is important. Your dermatologist in Frisco can help you determine if you are losing more hair by having you examine your hair loss and count follicles to see if the loss is higher than the average daily amount. 

Dandruff is an uncomfortable and often humiliating condition, but common and easily treatable with the help of regular dandruff treatment in Frisco. The dermatologists at Dermatology Consultants are able to examine, diagnose, and treat dandruff and other scalp conditions while they’re still in their early stages. A healthy scalp means healthier, stronger hair, and better overall skin health. With the right medical products and guidance from a skincare professional, you can treat your dandruff before flaking progresses and be ready to face any event you may attend this season with confidence. Contact Dermatology Consultants and schedule an appointment to get a head start on better scalp health.