Preparing Your Skin for Winter

October 17, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

Denton, Carrollton and Frisco Dermatology clinics are offering good skin care advice for the upcoming season, even though winter is only teasing Texans with bursts of occasional cold weather.

The premier Frisco Dermatologist specialists at Precision Dermatology warn that the skin care regimen followed in the summer months simply won’t suffice for blustery fall or bone-chilling winter days. 

Planning and beginning a winter skin care regimen now will help ward off itchy, red, peeling or cracking skin because make no mistake: Winter is Coming! For a good daily regimen that won’t break the bank, try these simple and common sense preventative measures.

Prepare Skin for Winter in Dallas

1. Exfoliate your skin: Skin is continually sloughing off dead cells, and many people don’t realize that it is just as important to exfoliate during the winter months as the summer. Dry, flaky skin can take away that healthy glow, lead to clogged pores and leave skin appearing dull. For an inexpensive full body scrub, try at-home remedies like sugar scrubs. Adding orange, coffee, or mint makes them even more naturally beneficial to skin.

Try this Recipe: 

  • ½ cup virgin coconut oil
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • Zest of one orange 

Combine the coconut oil and sugar, then add the orange zest. Mix well. Keep a small amount in the shower, refrigerate the extra until needed. 

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!:  Yes, exfoliation is critical for achieving glowing skin. But the Carrollton and Frisco Dermatology area specialists at Precision Dermatology also urge patients to moisturize their skin often, with appropriate products for winter season. For instance, if a lotion was used during the summer, winter begs for more substantial creams, body butters, and balms to prevent dry winter-cracked skin. 

3. Wear Gloves: This is the common-sense part! Our hands are subjected to the elements all year round, and should always be protected with sunscreen. But, saving hands from the harsh winds of winter by covering their delicate skin with gloves is one of the simplest ways to preserve a youthful appearance. 

4. Nix the long showers: Steamy, hot showers may seem heavenly in the winter to take off the chill, but they are NO-NO’s for skin! The heat will dry out the skin and leave it vulnerable to the outdoor elements. Drinking water is great for hydration, but hot showers are a perfect example of how water can actually dehydrate the skin. Read more here.

5. Drink water and eat lots of veggies:  Hydrate skin from within by drinking at least 8 ounces per day of pure, well-filtered water. Eating foods rich in Omega-3’s, Calcium and Vitamin D will provide necessary nutrients help stave off dry, irritated skin in the winter months.  Adding Green Tea lends a boost of antioxidants to the routine! 

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