How Botox Helps in More Ways Than One!

June 2, 2017
By: Dermatology Consultants of Frisco

Botox has the reputation of being the quick fix for aging starlets hoping to fight the onset of wrinkles.

It’s Hollywood that brought big attention to the world of botox treatments and has lead to misconceptions of Botox’s many uses. The everyday person tends to think of botox being used only for cosmetic treatments, but the truth is, Botox has been used for medical purposes for years. While it’s highly effective for reducing wrinkles and lines in the face as well as potentially increasing elasticity in the skin, it’s also become a well-respected medical treatment in the world of healthcare.

There are several conditions that Botox has been known to treat effectively when administered professionally. The FDA has approved Botox for treating several ailments and more uses are being researched every day. Receiving Botox injections in Frisco can help you restore the youth to your skin and help you manage symptoms of some troublesome conditions.

Chronic Migraines

People with chronic migraines have come to find that Botox treatments can relieve them of their symptoms. Research is still being done on just how Botox relieves migraine symptoms, but the treatment has been approved for use since 2010 with ongoing positive results. Some experts theorize that the paralysis caused by the drug might stop sensory nerves from sending off signals to the brain. Some believe the results may actually be a placebo effect. Regardless of the source, chronic migraine sufferers who receive Botox treatments can expect results to last up to 3 months and will find themselves experiencing less frequent and less severe migraines.

Overly Active Bladders

Botox has shown to be a highly effective treatment for overactive bladders. Urologists have found that the effects of Botox can reduce the frequency of leaks and bathroom trips for those with incontinence. In a clinical study, just one shot was able to provide ongoing relief for up to a year in a third of the patients treated. The FDA has approved Botox as a safe and useful alternative to anticholinergic medication for patients that are unable to use this medication or have not seen adequate results from it.

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is a nuisance no one wants to deal with, but luckily, your dermatologist in   Frisco can lend a hand with botox treatments. Excessive sweating, or severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis, is often treated with topical medications. Botox provides ongoing effects for up to two years through four or fewer injections. These treatments have to lead to a 75% reduction in sweat for 82% of participants in studies. Botox creates an option for patients who want long-lasting results without continuous upkeep.

Thanks to continuing studies, getting botox injections in Frisco can mean more than regaining a gorgeous, youthful complexion. As medical studies progress, more uses for Botox, such as prostate reduction and severe neck spasms, are being discovered and tested for FDA approval. Contact Dermatology Consultants for a consultation to plan your botox treatments. Whether you’re restoring your skin or curious about the uses for Botox, DCF can be your guide in deciding what treatments are right for you.